Saturday, May 21, 2011

Region Hack for Zenith XBV713 DVD Player

Enjoy the freedom of playing DVD disc in all region on your Zenith XBV713 DVD player.

Here is how you hack the region for free.

1. Create a non-empty file called LG36868.IMG ( Use a text editor to create a file and save a file. Then rename the file to LG36868.IMG. Make sure the file extension is .img )
2. Burn the LG36868.IMG file to a blank data CD (not a DVD).
3. Insert the CD in your DVD Player. Press Play.
4. The region management menu will appear.
5. Use the remote control and enter ' 0 ' to set the unit to region free.
6. Press the Pause on the remote.
7. Eject the disc. 

Note: When it reached step 6, it sometimes displayed " error ", but your hack will still be successful.


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